Inspiring People. Impacting Society.

We are on a mission: inspiring leaders, people and organizations to create inspiring, challenging, yet ‘safe’ enough conditions for people to love their job and to be stretched to the edge of daring. Unleash people’s potential and creativity, and allow them to grow in a secure environment, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a human touch. BEDDERx puts leadership into action, keeps strategic journeys going, and helps build meaningful and lasting success.

Effectuate Personal Leadership

A good leader can create a moment of inspiration that gets people energized, mobilized, and eager to jump into action. But, how do you keep them going? Or better still, how do achieve that people will keep themselves going? Through our BEDDERx apps platform we empower leaders and organizations to sustain the inspiration, the good intentions, and the plan of action, transforming growth into an ongoing journey of long term successes. Consider BEDDERx as your Secure Base digital companion, protected by fully encrypted data access and storage. The system bars data sharing for commercial purposes.

BEDDERx places global expertise in your hands

We are organized on the footings of a high-end, international network of experienced and seasoned business leaders, faculty, coaching & training professionals and thought leaders. Bringing together professionals from different backgrounds BEDDERx combines many years of management experience in large multinationals and executive coaching with affiliations to prestigious business schools and training institutes around the world.

Through the BEDDERx apps platform you have access to the combined expertise and wealth of knowledge available within our network. In addition, the platform enables you to create your own content and modules, and to invite your partners to bring in theirs.

Impactful Modules

Strategy execution and innovation, in the final analysis, are about changing set behaviors in an organization’s daily operations. BEDDERx modules and tools help you implement those changes, step by step. The BEDDERx approach is a symbiosis of neuroscience, leadership, change research, and pragmatic business practices.

Make it your own

As a company, you may choose to use the BEDDERx content and look & feel. However, you can also integrate your own content and switch to your own branding. Or even invite your Learning & Development partners (such as institutes, inspirational speakers, trainers and coaches) to join and enrich your BEDDERx configuration/library with their own expert modules.

World-class Network

Need live support on your journey? We can connect you to the inspiring thought-leaders, experts, coaches and practitioners we’ve worked with in co-creating and expanding the BEDDERx platform.