Future leaders

Transforming your personal development into an ongoing journey, with greater ease and more fun.

Imagine your inspiration, good intentions and action plans becoming a reality. Your personal development transformed into an ongoing journey. Not only in words, but through real learning and action. You’re seeing a tremendous improvement in the way you and your team work together. Your personal strength and well-being have been enhanced; your work and private life have gained in quality.

Research shows that some 70% to 90% of any investment in learning and development, typically, ends up wasted due to poor management of the application and transfer of learning… The BEDDERx Apps Platform supports you in getting it right.

A caring and daring digital companion

We assist you in successfully adopting new ways of working, focusing on the ‘70% learning by doing’. We do this nudge by nudge. And while we are doing it, you’ll discover that your work can be easier and more fun! BEDDERx supports personal journeys, team journeys and organizational journeys. We are organized on the foundation of a high-end, international network of experienced and seasoned business leaders, faculty, coaching & training professionals and thought leaders. Coming from different backgrounds, BEDDERx combines many years of management experience in large multinationals and executive coaching, working with renowned business schools and training institutes from around the world.

Your investment in time, money and energy deserves a BEDDER return.