Corporate Academies, L&D

More effective application and transfer of learning through unique apps platform.

Research shows that, typically, some70% to 90% of any investment in learning and development end up waste due to poor management of the application and transfer of learning…

BEDDERx: An innovation in business strategy and leadership!

BEDDERx offers an apps platform that supports leaders and organizations in accomplishing desired change processes, and stimulates ongoing development in defining and executing strategies and business innovation. Key objectives: easy-to-use apps are used to support leaders in being persistent, consistent, and insistent in their behavior and communications, as main drivers for strategy execution. The apps incorporate insights provided by neuroscience, assisting leaders and team members in successfully adopting new ways of working, with greater ease and more fun! BEDDERx helps you leverage your return on investment in strategy execution and organizational development, while embedding both a safe and daring environment that empowers your team to meet today’s business challenges.

BEDDERx places global expertise in your hands

BEDDERx supports personal journeys, team journeys and organizational journeys. We operate on the frame of a high-end, international network of experienced and seasoned business leaders, faculty, coaching & training professionals and thought leaders. Coming from different backgrounds, BEDDERx combines many years of management experience in large multinationals and executive coaching, working with reputable business schools and training institutes from around the world.

Via the BEDDERx apps portal your organization has access to the combined expertise and wealth of knowledge available within our network. The platform also enables you to create your own content and modules – and to invite your partners to bring in theirs.

“I’ve been impressed seeing the BEDDERx Secure Base Effectuation approach and interventions ‘in action’ with some of my clients over the last years. The power comes from the unconventional cross-discipline approach. And I believe the BEDDERx apps for nudging and anchoring changes and creating organizational dialogues, is a real innovation in organizational development.”

Dr. Carlos Cordon, LEGO Professor of Supply Chain Management, IMD Business School (Lausanne, CH)

A development packs library

BEDDERx have teamed up with thought-leading partners to shape a learning pack library offering an inspiring, rich and effectual user-experience that is focused, throughout, on daily behavior. Think of:

  • Leadership packs with daily/weekly leadership behavior nudges.
  • Video/audio clip tracks on leadership concepts.
  • Individual and team reflection assignments.
  • Specific coaching & consulting content, e.g. practical e-coaching tools, measurements & scans.
  • Corporate dialogue nudges and tools.
  • Pre-training nudges and action-learning triggers in-between training modules.
  • Learning and inspiration packs with content by business thought-leaders, expert skill-building modules, clip-sharing for collective learning, etc.

BEDDERx Sources for inspiration & development: ‘Just what I need now!’

Make it your own

Your company may wish to use the BEDDERx look & feel, however, you can switch to your own branding. Additionally, you can invite your L&D partners (e.g. institutes, inspirational speakers, coaches) to join and enrich the BEDDERx configuration/library with their own, expert modules. Your academy or Learning & Development department is able to create a rich configuration featuring a range of post-training modules. Training suppliers can be invited to join your company ‘store’. Various functional disciplines may create own, theme-based modules to inform, inspire and engage employees, e.g. strategy and core values, etc. In other words, BEDDERx offers you the opportunity to design and create custom-built programs, configured with content from BEDDERx, within your own organization and with L&D partners.

Your investment in time, money and energy deserve a BEDDER return.