BEDDERME nudges and guides you to assist your personal development journey.

Jongen boven op toren - ME- (onderste helft)

As a leader, senior executive, manager or employee, you’ve just returned from your latest training program. You’re all charged up and keen to get into action… only to see that energy deflating after a couple of weeks. Research*) shows that 70 to 90% of the investment in learning and development ends up wasted due to poor management of the application and transfer of learning…

Your investment in time, money and energy deserves a BEDDER return.

Now imagine your inspiration, good intentions and action plans becoming a reality. Your personal development transformed into an ongoing journey. Not only in words, but through real learning and action. A journey that dramatically improves the way you and your team work together, enhances your personal strength and well-being, and enriches your private and family life.

Your digital companion

It was exactly this outlook that inspired us to develop the BEDDERME app. Consider it your digital companion. Much like a caring and daring friend who helps you sustain your inspiration and good intentions. Transforming them into an ongoing journey towards discovering and developing your better self.

BEDDERME uses insights from neuroscience for rewiring the ‘learning’ brain, enabling people to create new habits and thinking patterns. We help you successfully adopt new ways of working, focusing on the ‘70% learning by doing’. We do this nudge by nudge, and we make it easy and fun! An ever growing number of hands-on tools embedded in our apps help you to start, progress, and self-monitor your journey. They assist you in bridging the gap between desire and change, and improve your discipline and determination to develop and grow.

“To change a habit is never easy. The most difficult part is to really know what you want, but once that’s clear the discipline to actually do what you want is a challenge.  I’m surprised by the BEDDERME app. The content of the nudges are focused on the change I’m working. Because it’s relevant, it’s inspiring. It’s like a small gift from someone that knows you very well. Our learning approach at Shell is based on 70/20/10. Learning on the job is 70%, 20% from others and 10% with formal training. BEDDERME is a promising solution to stay focused on learning on the job.”

André de Rooij, Organizational Effectiveness, Shell Downstream Manufacturing

For example, users can choose to receive tailored nudges – brief statements, reflective questions or personal messages – on their Smartphones relating to leadership behavior, strategy and innovation programs, personal change objectives, compliance (via soft controls), company culture, and much more…  BEDDER ME assists you in staying with your plan and achieving progress. Motivates and activates you in fields of interest and learning issues that you have chosen for yourself. BEDDERME is not a control app. It is a true companion that helps you stay in control, in a positive and open-minded manner.

Social support network

BEDDERME is not a single companion, but a portal to an entire social support network that you choose and select for yourself. Not a single one trainer or coach, but a manager, a team of colleagues, and a group of trusted friends you can ask for feedback, share thoughts and ideas with, and ask questions, all in support of your personal and team journey(s).

“The app was very helpful for me in iteratively setting my (personal) goals while onboarding in my new job at Intergamma. The way I could easily share my draft plan with a peer or a trusted friend was very helpful to keep the dialogue going – both with myself and others.”

Frank Boerstra, Chief HRM Officer, Intergamma

BEDDERME key principles


  • Facilitates you, as a user, in translating learnings, insights and intentions into effective behaviors in your daily life.
  • Helps you taking responsibility for your promises and commitments as much as possible, based on your own intrinsic motivation.
  • Puts you into action mode as the best way to anchor changes, by (un)consciously triggering you in your thinking and acting, for example, by framing your key points as open-ended questions.
  • Translates training concepts into stimuli that create consciousness of habits and behavior, and backs [them] those concepts with short, easy-to-access content as reference material.
  • Repeats the message from different angles and in ways that impact the brain level.
  • Places you, as the user, in control, by giving you the choice to decide how frequently and when you want to be nudged.

What was the best open-ended question you heard today? This simple yet powerful BEDDERME notification on my Smartphone triggered me to dive into my next meeting with a completely different mindset.”

Ruud Schoenmakers, Director, IG&H

*) See for more information