BEDDERORG enables organization-wide change, innovation and growth.

Toren (lower res)

BEDDERORG is about effectuating leadership. It’s about making your company strategy work for you, keeping your innovation processes going, and ensuring that your culture program kicks in. BEDDERORG enables you, as a leader, to make use of the full potential of your organization. You will create dialogues with larger groups and put plans into practice. You share ideas, experiences and best practices, and keep your organization journey moving forward with the support of modules and nudges that you yourself set up as, as you go. BEDDERORG assists you in the challenging, vital process of ‘giving control’ to the people in your organization and thus unleash its full potential.

“The philosophy behind BEDDERORG is about defining and executing strategic objectives, using individual change and development. It enables us to build self-leadership, pro-activeness and intrinsic motivation as a foundation for individual and thus team and organizational high performance.”

Ton Zoetbrood, CFO, Aramco Overseas Company

BEDDERORG can be deployed in support of a company’s leadership development processes, specifically with a view to strategy & innovation. It will help you set up business challenge dialogues aimed at co-creating & building engagement, and prepares you for deeper-level communication campaigns on strategic and cultural themes. BEDDERORG provides coaching & mentoring, every step of the way.