BEDDERus connects groups and facilitates high performance team development.

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Shaping a group of individuals into a successful team is a challenging process. Of course, a wealth of literature is available on the subject of creating winning teams. But once a team has been formed, how do you keep the positive team spirit going and growing? The BEDDERus app and platform support your team journey, every step of the way. Whether it’s your management team, R&D or innovators, your direct sales teams, or your staff team.

Your investment in creating and supporting a winning team deserves a BEDDER return.

Supporting your team journey, step by step

With BEDDERus you can expand the knowledge, ambition, experience and energy that exist in your teams. As a team leader, you will be able to create a common language and build strong bonds within the team. Your team goals and agenda are clear to everyone on the team, and monitoring progress is available 24/7 both for you and your team members. Group chats are enabled, any time. Special modules, tailored to your team development, can be provided. You can add nudges that assist in learning the ‘blues’ and ‘reds’ in your team, to better understand each other, and work together more effectively. Or choose to receive nudges that stimulate and improve the quality of your dialogues. Or, you may add inspiring group assignments; e.g. watching a specific TED talk followed by a group reflection on specific team-targeted topics.

BEDDERus enables planning and journaling, anytime, anywhere. It automatically sets up ‘buddy’ support and provides teams with ‘speedback’ (instant feedback). It supports the follow-up and preparation in between team training modules, and facilitates team-based learning through video exercises & reflections assignments. But only, and always, by your own initiative and in a ‘caring and daring’ approach.