Senior Leaders

Why bedder leaders are better able to effectuate personal leadership

As a senior leader, you execute your company’s strategy, by enabling your organization and people to change business performance, actions and behavior. The BEDDERx apps platform helps you sustain your inspiration and good intentions, and transform them into ongoing journeys. BEDDERx enables you to effectuate your personal leadership throughout your organization.

BEDDERx: An innovation in business strategy and leadership

BEDDERX offers an apps platform that supports leaders and organizations in accomplishing desired change processes, and stimulates ongoing development in defining and executing strategies and business innovation. Key objectives: easy-to-use apps are deployed to facilitate leaders to be persistent, consistent, and insistent in their behavior and communications, as main drivers for strategy execution. The apps incorporate insights provided by neuroscience, in order to assist leaders and team members in successfully adopting new ways of working, with more ease and fun! BEDDERx helps you leverage your return on investment in strategy execution and organizational development, while embedding both a safe and daring environment that empowers your team to meet today’s business challenges.

“BEDDERX combines a powerful mix of solid research with pragmatic and practical apps to support both organizational and personal change journeys.”

Susan Goldsworthy, Olympic Finalist & European & Commonwealth Medalist, and co-author of the award-winning books Choosing Change and Care to Dare

Keeping strategic journeys going, putting leadership into action

BEDDERx supports personal journeys, team journeys and organizational journeys. We operate on the frame of a high-end, international network of experienced and seasoned business leaders, faculty, coaching & training professionals and thought leaders. Coming from different backgrounds, BEDDERx combines many years of management experience in large multinationals and executive coaching, and works with reputable business schools and training institutes from around the world.

Your investment in time, money and energy deserves a BEDDER return.