We are at the service of any individual whose dream it is to become a better person. Or a better leader, regardless of their hierarchical position.

The service we provide focuses on offering a choice of best-of-class, inspirational and thought provoking content. Co-created with partners who share the same, contagious passion.

Yes, we are a commercial enterprise. As such, we need to generate a level of revenue that will enable us to create impact. As caring and daring stewards of growth and development.

Through scalable technologies we seek to reach as many people as possible who share that dream of becoming a better person. Day by day. Nudge by nudge.

We believe that, by reaching and interacting with people in the course of their daily lives and daily activities, we can assist the individual in applying the knowledge and wisdom that is all around us, and available in unimaginable quantities. By extension, we can help the world become a better place. A place where a substantially larger share of the valuable insights, good intentions and concrete action plans that people create during trainings, (leadership) development programs and workshops, is translated into concrete action and development.

BEDDERx: Catalyzing purposeful development, enabling high performance.

Now, imagine how this reflects in people’s home and family lives. How it enhances your team’s performance. How it stimulates entrepreneurial spirit and brings the human touch back into the organization.

We are confident that our approach can play a role in restoring traditional connections between organizations and societies. A better world, in which businesses and organizations are the organizing frame of a society, providing a safe environment where people thrive in their jobs and are inspired to develop their passions and creativity. This, in our view, forms the basis for the many, much needed innovations that are about to change the world.

This is our mission: to inspire leaders and organizations to build a culture that is inspiring and challenging, yet safe enough for people to be confident in exploring their talents to the edges. Unleash their potential. Maximize human and social capital.

As BEDDERx we strive to stimulate dialogues on a daily basis, which take place on three different yet coherent levels:

1. with the person, mainly through brief moments of self-reflection,

2. with others, one-on-one with trusted friends and peers/team-mates,

3. collectively with colleagues across an entire organization.

The BEDDERx app focuses at supporting me exactly and only my most actual current need for concise advice, reminder or inspiration. Like a good friend it timely nudges me to stay on my self designed track towards my personal goals and vision.

Harry van der Velde, visual thinker @Zicht.com

At BEDDERx, we believe that dialogues and engagement are the key mechanisms in defusing today’s many radical and disruptive changes. Or, perhaps we should say: in relieving the pain that inevitably comes with such changes. And, in positively reversing the painful experience into new opportunities and horizons. Dialogues are a tool in opinion making; in revealing hidden agendas, and in creating images and imaginations of a better future.

We believe that in fostering dialogue, we can contribute to building new thought patterns and behaviors that will lead us to a culture that is both caring and daring. 

How we inspire leaders, teams and organizations to develop more frequent and better dialogues is expressed in the three main functions of the BEDDERx app platform:

1 – BEDDERme,

2 – BEDDERus,

3 – and BEDDERorg.