Thought-leaders, institutes & consultants

Effectuate your thought-leadership with this unique platform

Are you a thought-leader working for one or more learning institutes, universities or business schools? Or working as a trainer, coach or an innovation- & strategy consultant?

You will likely recognize an expression of your clients’ needs in terms of generating greater impact with your mental legacy, trainings or coaching. You have an impression of their standards, in terms of better managing the application and transfer of learning. Specifically for you, BEDDERx has created a unique platform designed to create more impact and a higher success rate in transferring learnings, on behalf of the instruction which you, your institute, or your training and consultancy company provide.

A new and unique channel to new audiences

BEDDERX offers an apps platform that supports leaders and organizations in accomplishing desired changes, while developing the process of defining and executing strategies and implementing business innovation. Key objectives: easy-to-use apps that coach leaders in being persistent, consistent and insistent in their behavior and communications, as the main drivers for successful strategy implementation. BEDDERX apps facilitate leaders in connecting with peers and organizations, coaches and mentors. For trainers/coaches, the BEDDERthem Coaching App is a convenient enabler for the trainer/ coach to stay in touch with their participants/coachees in between modules or coaching sessions.

“As a leadership coach to executives for almost 20 years I have found that many times, “action plans” remain just that –”plans”. BEDDERx has found a simple, effective, customized solution to help those I am coaching to transform their resolutions into successful positive results. The app allows for quick real-time exchanges designed to enhance the learning journey. It is one of today’s most valuable tools for professional development and virtual synergies.”

Francesca-Giulia Mereu, leadership/executive coach and author of the book ‘Je recharge mes batteries’ (Recharge your Batteries)

A learning packs library

To enrich our content and grow our platform, we have teamed up with thought-leaders and experts such as yourself for the purpose of co-creating and shaping a learning pack library offering an inspiring, rich, and effective user-experience, always focusing on daily behavior.

Think of:

  • Leadership packs with daily/weekly leadership behavior nudges.
  • Video/audio clip tracks on leadership concepts.
  • Individual and team reflection assignments.
  • Specific coaching & consulting content, e.g. practical e-coaching tools, measurements & scans.
  • Corporate dialogue nudges and tools.
  • Pre-training nudges and action-learning triggers in-between training modules.
  • Learning and inspiration packs with content by business thought-leaders, expert skill-building modules, clip-sharing for collective learning, etc.

The BEDDERx platform can be configured and branded either for open enrollment or custom-built programs. As a content partner you are able to invite your own partners (inspirational speakers, coaches, etc.) to join and enrich your configuration/library with their own expert modules. In this way, you are able to offer a scalable and sustainable proposition to your clients. Irrespective of the configuration in which the BEDDERx content or modules are published, you remain the owner of the IP of the modules and receive royalties both on your modules as well as commission fees for all users ear marked as your client base.

Please contact us for more information on BEDDERx and our content-partner program.